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e_mob 2018 RECHARGE TIME


e_mob from 27 to 29 September








27-28-29 September


Head office Lombardy Region

Piazza Lombarda Region

Parcheggio Luogo del Raduno

Raduno auto elettriche del 29 settembre.

Parcheggio Luogo del Raduno

Raduno auto elettriche del 29 settembre.

September EVENT

CONDIVISION and DIFFUSION are the key words that will be developed in the e_mob 2018 days. The sharing of the message of environmental sustainability = electric mobility, and the spread of the new generation of charging stations and methods, will lead to a development of more sustainable mobility.


The Cities of Bologna, Florence, Milan, Turin and Varese have made a commitment as promoters within the e_mob 2017 edition, for the development of a strategic plan extended to all public administrations that decide to put the health of the citizen in first place through the reduction of emissions due to transport. Download the text of the metro map below for free.

5 points on the card

Cultural Change

Provide consumers with good motivations for cultural change.

Charging Network

Accelerate the development of a recharging network accessible to the public, in line with the indications provided by the PNIRE

Recharge on Real Estate

Expand the possibility of recharging in residential and corporate properties, ideas on preset forms.

Sharing electric vehicles

Give a strong impetus to sharing with electric vehicles in order to reduce polluting emissions as well as traffic congestion

Electrical logistics

Stimulate the introduction of electric vehicles in mobility segments with greater effectiveness and practicability.

3-point dissemination during the event


Joint participation in Community programmes for a more coordinated sustainable development strategy involving citizens

Regulatory adaptations

National and regional regulatory measures (e.g. road traffic regulations, national and regional taxation)


Information and training for citizens and students at all levels and with all digital strategies available


Institutional day

The political world is moving towards the development of sustainable mobility. Reducing all types of pollutants is a common goal for public administrations, which have to deal every day with a reality that is no longer on a human scale. The institution dialogue is the goal of e_mob 2018

Welcome Coffee and institutional greetings. Presentation of the event and of the guidelines approved by the working groups of the metropolitan electromobility map. After a lunch break there will be a discussion on policies to support electric mobility.

Coordinates the Ministry of the Environment and Councillor for Transport Regione Lombardia

Scientific and Technical Day

Technical and professional training with the assignment of training credits. Training engineers and architects in the development of sustainable and increasingly electric mobility is the fundamental objective of this day.
For technicians: recovery/reuse of vehicle batteries; recharging infrastructure, development trends; emissions and air quality; urban logistics and new technologies.

It’s charging time

It is the time for recharging and mobilising the electricity people. The voice of thousands of people, convinced of the equation sustainable mobility = electric mobility, is at the heart of this new gathering. All owners of any electric vehicle, will be able to demonstrate the loud voice of silence of their vehicles.

Electric caravan through the streets of Milan

Scientific Board

Comitato scientifico

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